About Us

Think of Love Muscle as the new cool kid in the world of supplement manufacturing that has all the latest technology and vision! We are obsessive about three very important things; quality, taste & value for money! We firmly believe that you get out what you put in, we don’t see the point in you busting your gut in the gym if you aren’t going to give your body the highest quality nutrients it needs to recover, grow and adapt.

Before creating Love Muscle Nutrition we spent over 25 years dealing with different companies looking at raw materials, ingredient combinations, absorption boosters and manufacturing processes. So believe us when we say, our products are of the highest quality! We have no gimmicks and no fancy advertising budget, this is because we would rather spend our money on the finest raw ingredients for our products to help you achieve your training goals. Anyone can plaster an advert in every health & fitness magazine published, however we want you, our valued customers to spread the word about Love Muscle Nutrition and recommend us to your clients and friends.

Our shakes are some what of a rarity in the world of sports supplements…..why is this? This is because are shakes taste amazing! We have worked tirelessly to produce shakes that are of the highest quality and taste great. Before we manufacture any flavour we run sample-tasting sessions in gyms and ask the members for their feedback, we then use this feedback to tweak the flavours, until we have the finished product. This is why we are so confident when it comes to our product flavours. As we are perfectionists it takes us along time to get our flavours just right so please be patient for new ones.

Taking supplements can be expensive, lets face it, sometimes it feels like we pay more for our supplements that we do a mortgage, this is why we have a price promise. We promise to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality. We wanted to create a brand that was accessible to athletes from all sports whether you are a body builder, rugby player, cyclist or gymnast, our supplements can help you to achieve your goal. Our product range is small, however it will grow but only when we create supplements that we feel are good enough for you to use. We take our time when releasing products because only the best will do!

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