Huge range of recipes to spice up your protein life, all using our protein powders, weight gainers and other products! Check them out below!
The ultimate chocolate protein shake, made with chocolate grenache, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, we bet you can't wait to try it out!
What could ever make one of our strawberry shakes better? Why a doughnut of course!
Layers of chocolate sauce encapsulating a sweet banoffee ice cream shake topped with soft whipped cream.
A healthy take of the traditional shake, packed with raspberries and bananas, this raspberry shake will kick start your morning!
The classic, a vanilla ice cream shake. We just added a few bits! Fine layers of white chocolate and a pair of wafer curls complete this shake.
Taking peanut butter to the extreme! Starting with our peanut butter protein powder we then add heaps of smooth peanut butter for an extreme taste!
Start the morning right with these healthy protein pancakes topped with freshly sliced banana.
Cool off on those hot summer days whilst still getting your protein intake! Easy and quick to make, you will love having them in your freezer!
Perfect for an after dinner suprise or just a snack on a road trip, these protein brownies will keep you going. And by the way they taste amazing!
I tried the strawberries and cream protein shake recipe and it took my shake to a whole new level! 

Amanda Hannan

The chocolate protein brownie blew my socks off, the instructions were easy to follow and it tasted amazing!

Chris Rowan

I love raspberry so the raspberry ripple shake is a great healthy way to kick start my day, giving me a early morning protein boost.

Beth Coleman

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